Rachel Ann Rogish

Spanning the Tide – the Overlooked bridge to a Creative Ministry

How can you raise a writer? Does your child truly possess the gift of a wordsmith, and, if so, how can he navigate the murky waters of wondering if his gift is a ministry, future career, or a hobby?  By piloting past the preconceived myth of ministry vs. career, you will be able to recognize and answer the questions of well-meaning family members and friends who ask, “what does Sandra want to do when she finishes high-school?” If it had not been for parents who understood the calling of God on their child’s life, countless others would be left untouched by a well written letter, poem, or story. The approach to a creative ministry goes beyond looking at writing as a mere hobby or mode of self-expression by:

1. Knowing the Harbor – discussing and appreciating quality literature and children’s stories in your own home.

2. Avoiding the Shoals – getting involved in your home-church and community without sacrificing your family-time and personal convictions.

3.  Setting the Sails – reaching out to others of a variety of ages through letters, poems, and   stories throughout the school year; setting a course for future writing goals and dreams.

Writing is a God-given gift, and, with a little encouragement, your child is fully capable of finding ways to touch lives and truly be a good writer at any age!


Rachel Ann Rogish, twenty-three years old, resides in North Wildwood, NJ, where her dad pastors a church. Having been home-schooled from age four through her high school graduation, Rachel is excited to give back to the mission of quality home education and to pass on to other young writers that a creative ministry is possible.

High school and two years of university refined Rachel’s gifts in writing, drama, art, and music. After her time in university, Rachel is now at home in New Jersey writing her first novel “Immanuel’s Veins”, learning the domestic arts, helping in her parent’s ministry, and preparing for her wedding to a wonderful young man named Joseph,
who is preparing for the ministry.

You can follow her literary journey on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rachel-Ann-Rogish/124172307701862