Marie Rippel

Effective Teaching Methods for Struggling Learners

Do you have a child who just always seems to struggle with learning? Are you feeling uncertain about your child’s educational future? Do you feel like a failure as a homeschool parent? Marie Rippel, founder of All About Learning Press, understands your struggle because she has been exactly where you are! In this workshop, Marie will teach you how to focus on strategies and methods that will help you take the struggle out of learning—for both you and your child! You’ll learn how to
• focus on the most critical content
• identify and stick to your goals
• teach through sight, sound, and touch
• understand what motivates your learner
• use routines and avoid distractions during lesson time
• keep your child engaged
• be clear about expectations
• and much, much more!

In this practical workshop, you’ll also learn a little bit about the instructional methods that make the All About Spelling and All About Reading programs work for students who need to overcome learning challenges. In addition, you’ll learn how to evaluate curriculum in all content areas as you search for the most effective learning resources for your special needs child.

If you need to be encouraged that there IS hope for your struggling learner, this workshop is for you! Join us for this 45-minute presentation, and come away with a plan for a new school year filled with fewer struggles and greater success!


Marie Rippel is the author of the award-winning All About Reading and All About Spelling programs. She homeschooled her special needs son through high school, and is now passionate about helping parents teach struggling learners to read and spell. Connect with Marie on Facebook ( and sign up for her newsletter ( to learn more about taking the struggle out of reading and spelling!