Malia Russell

Homeschooling during times of Transition

Life is full of changes, transitions, disruptions—some good and some bad. But even in times of transition, schoolwork must get completed people must get fed, loved, disciplined, and things must be cleaned, purchased, and organized. There are some unavoidable things that must be done to have a home that is pleasant to all the inhabitants. Making transitions smooth is just part of what seasoned homeschoolers have to learn how to do with grace and effectiveness.
Here are some of the things we will be covering:
– Making goals during transition times
– Determining what is important—what should be done and what can be left undone
– Guilt-free homeschooling adjustments
– Housework simplified
– Shopping simplified
– Meal planning simplified
– Multiplying your time
– Utilizing help
– Spiritual disciplines during busy times


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