Latin Road

Spelling, Grammar, and Latin, Oh, MY! 

Once upon a time almost 30 years ago, back in the earliest days of homeschooling, little did I know that the next 15 years’ worth of work with my own three children would provide the structure and content for The PHONICS Road to Spelling and Reading and The LATIN Road to English Grammar.

It is a great blessing for me to introduce you to my totally integrated language arts study, giving you all the tools, training, and preparation for building skills in spelling, handwriting, reading, grammar, and composition, with an introduction to Latin.

Whether you are just beginning to teach a young student or you are frustrated over an older struggling student or you yourself are a terrible speller and the thought of teaching your children terrifies you, let me encourage you with the news that all students and adults can be good spellers regardless of what modern educators tell you; you just need to know . . . the rest of the story!

Over the last three decades, the most frequent lament of homeschool parents is likely the fact that they have been unable to teach their children to spell as well as they can read. What begins enthusiastically in kindergarten commonly deteriorates, so that by about fourth grade a student reads okay, cannot spell well, and usually hates to write. Since these skills affect all of his learning within language arts, such as grammar, composition, and even foreign language studies, a parent finds herself at a loss on how to proceed any further. Why do these students not acquire a strong foundation in language arts when reading programs and spelling workbooks abound in the marketplace?

Modern education philosophies and methods are the biggest culprits; they have been contributing to the deterioration of successful education for the past fifty years or more. The systematic teaching of skills that build one upon another in a logical sequence is foreign to those who support the “whole language approach” of memorizing “wholes.” According to modern educators, the parts of a word are not as important as the whole word itself, and thus emphasis is placed on memorizing words as fast as a student can memorize them, using large colorful pictures, fill-in-the-blank workbooks, and a myriad of games.

Similarly, modern educators believe that the parts of a sentence are not as important as the whole sentence itself; therefore, grammar is not important and the student is encouraged to use any means to express himself. However, these expressions are rarely considered good compositions. Add to this the ever-increasing beliefs in child-centered learning and the protection of self-esteem in our modern world, and true scholarship is lacking in all of us. But there is a better way!!!

I invite you to join me as I lay out the skills each student needs to be able to reason through English, learning HOW English is built and WHY it is built the way it is. I will show you how to coordinate grammar, composition, and Latin in a multisensory approach with music, art, and literature as your students develop proficiency in these areas.


A veteran homeschool mom of 30 years, Barbara Beers has not only taught her own children through high school, but has provided training to other students, parents, and teachers in all areas of language arts. Organizing the studies she did with her children, she has shared The Phonics Road to Spelling and Reading and The LATIN Road to English Grammar with families around the world for over 20 years. In the long term effort of building strong Christian families, she teaches and encourages moms and dads in the areas of classical education, spelling, writing, reading, grammar, and Latin, as well as giving them the tools to master these subjects in a thorough and enjoyable way.