Jennifer Courtney

Top Ten Myths about Classical Education

Classical, Christian education has seen a rapid rebirth in recent years, as evidenced by the book Classical Education: The Movement That’s Sweeping America. Many homeschool families have questions about this educational model. In this workshop, we will look at ten common misconceptions about classical education. We should arrive at a clearer understanding of classical, Christian education which flourished alongside the growth of the Christian church. Find out more about the education of great men like Shakespeare, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R.Tolkien and America’s Founding Fathers.


Jennifer Courtney has been home-educating for the last 10 years. She currently serves as the Communications Director for Classical Conversations. She is the co-author of the Classical Acts and Facts History Cards series and of the book Classical, Christian Education Made Approachable. Jennifer writes for the Classical Conversations Writer’s Circle as well as a variety of homeschool and other education websites and magazines. She tutors high school students in chemistry, Latin, logic, philosophy, Shakespeare, poetry, and US History. She and her husband Tim live in Oklahoma with their four precious children.