Heather Laurie

Homeschooling Multiple Children with Special Needs

Keeping balance in your life, home, and homeschooling can be tough at times. Then the Lord blessed me with a child that had special needs and I felt like I was taking the homeschooling advanced course. Now over a decade later I know that all 5 of my children have special needs from medically fragile, learning disabilities, to autism. Our life can be intense and does need a special touch to give everyone the needed attention needed but it is the most worthwhile job I have ever had! Let me help you by sharing some of my tips and tricks to creating a homeschooling life with multiple children with special needs! You can find balance and peace for your whole family!


My name is Heather Laurie. My husband, Christopher and I have been married for 17 wonderful years. We have been blessed with 5 children, and 3 angels awaiting us in Heaven.
We began our homeschooling journey 12 years ago. We found out that our children and I have a mitochondrial disorder. It causes a large variety of medical and learning problems.
This has brought our homeschooling journey to many unexpected places. We have homeschooled in the hospital, doctor’s offices, and therapy parking lots. Four of the kids are on the autism spectrum and all have varying levels of sensory intensity issues. The wide variety of problems the children have dealt with or are dealing with has left me uniquely positioned to cover first hand a large variety of problems.
My hope is to help you homeschool your child to be the very best they can be no matter their weakness or strength. Together we are stronger and I know YOU CAN DO IT!

God bless

Heather Laurie