Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Schoolhouse Expo?

  • The Schoolhouse Expo is very similar to an exciting and fun homeschool convention, only it’s totally online! No need to drive, get a motel room, or find a sitter for the kids—we bring the conference speakers right to you. You’ll hear about ways to improve your homeschool, plan for the upcoming year, organize your school and life, and much more—all while saving some gas money!
  • You’ll hear live presentations from some of the biggest names in homeschooling and attend inviting vendor workshops too.
  • If you are an international homeschooler or anyone who simply can’t make it to a physical convention, this is a perfect fit for you! And really, homeschoolers everywhere will benefit from the wealth of information and inspiration to be found. Along with suggestions, encouragement, and realistic how-to information, you’ll enjoy the fresh ideas, friendly camaraderie, fun atmosphere, and special affirmation that homeschooling really works—all from a solid Christian perspective.

Q. How do I advertise in the Schoolhouse Expo?

  • Just contact Amy Osborn, Director of Advertising Sales, to find out about our Expo sponsor packages.

Q. If I register but can’t attend live, what can I do?

  • You won’t miss out! If you register for an Expo and cannot attend, let us know. You will receive a link to the recordings after the Expo is complete.
  • The Expo’s recordings will be available at to members, join now. Or .mp3 recordings will be available at The Old Schoolhouse® Store for purchase.

Q. What are the door prizes and how do I win?

  • You must be present to enter the fantastic physical door prizes that will be given away every session! You’ll be able to enter for each session’s door prizes, after they are announced, on our Homeschooling with Heart Blog, and winners will be chosen at random. Expo staff will notify winners after the Live Expo is over.

Live Conference FAQ

Q. How will this work?

  • It’s very simple to join the fun at the Schoolhouse Expo. You will need a high speed internet connection, your computer, and speakers. External speakers or headphones provide the best audio quality. The conference is set up to host live sessions via GoToWebinar and we also record them, enabling you to listen to them at a later date at your convenience. The live sessions are delivered via GoToWebinar using a very user-friendly software available as a quick download. We will help you every step of the way so that you can experience a wonderful event, just as thousands of others have enjoyed the live and Expo To Go sessions.

Here are a few system requirements:

  • PC-based attendees Required: Internet Explorer 7 or newer, Firefox 3.0 or newer or Google Chrome 5.0 or newer, Windows 7, Vista, XP or 2003 Server
  • Macintosh-based attendees Required: Safari 3.0 or newer, Firefox 3.0 or newer or Google Chrome 5.0 or newer, Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or newer

Q. How do I log in to the conference?

  • On conference day it’s easy to log in. We will send you an email the day before each session, and you will simply click on a link found inside of it. That link is unique to you. You aren’t allowed to share it with others.

Q. How long is each speaker’s presentation?

  • A hostess will introduce and welcome the speakers.Each speaker session is one hour with an optional Q&A time built in. Generally the speaker will talk for 45-50 minutes.

Q. What will be going on between conference sessions?

  • Vendor Hall graphic ads and other information will appear, such as special offers, helps, or tips from companies. It’s a great time to chat more with the hostess and other attendees.

Q. Will there be a video presentation by the speakers?

  • No you won’t actually see the speakers—but you will hear them. Your computer monitor will show a ¾ screen Powerpoint Presentation from the session’s speaker, and you’ll want to make sure your volume is turned up. In ¼ of the window will be a control panel. A registered attendee will be able to see the numbers of how many are attending along with their names. You will be muted, but a chat box will allow you to ask a question, get an answer, and chat with the other attendees. There will be an interactive feel with the capability of lots of fun features.

Q. Will I be able to ask the speaker questions online? How?

  • You will be able to ask your questions and comment to the speakers through the chat window. Please limit private messages to the speaker during the session. You will have the opportunity to ask questions once the speaker gives an invitation to receive them.

Q. Can I text with other attendees?

  • Yes! When you type in the chat box, all attendees, organizers, and hostesses can see your message, select Organizers and Panelists Only in the drop down box. You can also send private messages to a specific person by clicking on the drop down box in the chat feature and selecting the person’s name that you wish to message. Any technical questions should be sent to the “Organizers.”

Q. Is there anything that I can read to help explain the technical part of things?

Q.  Can you help me if I have audio trouble?

  • We’ll do best. If you’re logged into the session, you can always post a question to the hostess. Most audio issues are due to a person’s Internet connection or a sound card/memory issue. Because the conference is a LIVE event, it does use quite a bit of bandwidth. You might need to ask other people at your house to stay off the Internet while you’re logged in to the Expo and make sure that you close other windows and applications.

We hope your questions have been answered, but if there is still something you want to know that has not been covered here, please email us at

Remember, you can always check the main page at

We hope to see you at the Expo!