David Stelzl


Starting A Business In High School

Starting a business can be one of the most rewarding training grounds there is. Business schools would have you believe that an MBA and years of experience are required before even attempting such a thing, but this simply is not true. Many successful businesses you frequent, were started by people just like you and me. Find out what it takes, and get started. This fact is, our education system was designed to keep young people from being productive early on in life – and it shows. Find out the four basic needs people have, four things people will always buy, and how to build, market, and sell your product. You just might be the next coffee chain or software brand.


David Stelzl has been home schooling alongside his wife for over twenty years. After getting intimately involved, he has come to believe that there is so much more out there for families willing to take seriously the raising of children. He believes God’s ways work and that the potential of a discipleship-based homeschool program can lead to much more than graduation and a job.

Described as a visionary and out-of-the-box thinker, David teaches individuals and families how to escape mediocrity through a program he and his family call, Raising Entrepreneurs. With a passion for helping people reach their potential by avoiding traditional school and corporate indoctrination, David is leading a movement to inspire people to use their God-given gifts and passions to their fullest, and to pursue their highest calling.
A business speaker, executive coach, and sales & marketing consultant by trade, David is passionate about bringing sound entrepreneurial business thinking and creativity to families and young people at an early age. Committed to Biblical teachings on discipleship and family, he has worked hard to develop alternatives to traditional and largely unsuccessful educational programs, and what he calls corporate bondage, a life he describes as enslavement to the bureaucracy and compromise prevalent in most large businesses. He is best know for investing in his children early on, to build small businesses, taking learning out of the classroom with it’s textbooks and time consuming formality. His ideas on not recreating the public school system at home have pushed many to reconsider how they spend their teaching time and have served to challenge the status quo of education in America.

David’s unconventional and innovative views on education and small business have attracted global attention and have earned him invitations to work with homeschool visionaries, speak at conferences, and share his views in publications geared to homeschooling families.
David shares his convictions with all who will listen. His message is not just about entrepreneurship, but encompasses much more. His topics include successful family life and the development of a team spirit and willingness to love and work together; homeschooling methods that challenge the “big business” presuppositions given to us by American industrial leaders, parenting practices that stand against today’s attacks on the very definition of “family”, and small business principles taught at an early age and used as a platform for invaluable life skills.

David is an internationally recognized consultant and speaker in the technology world, and the author of three books including, The House & the Cloud, Data@Risk, and From Vendor to Adviser. He is also an active voluntary participant in Embassy University and the IBLP Business Leaders Conference Program, headquartered in Oakbrook Il.