Bob Irvin/Lori Scheele


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Bob came on board with TOS in early 2012, bringing a deep and varied writing, editing, and teaching background to the role. He was in campus ministry “two lifetimes ago,” as he puts it. Next came a number of reporting, writing, and editing jobs in journalism before entering Christian publishing as an acquisitions editor. He’s now thrilled to be part of the dedicated, passionate TOS team. Bob and wife Joan have four kids, from a 24-year-old college graduate to an eight-year-old. When not editing curriculum, Bob loves to coach youth sports, run, mountain bike, dabble at writing, teach, and read everything he can get his hands on. He loves connecting with great writers and authors and working with them to make their work even better.


Lori is still trying to figure out what a Hoosier is, although she’s been one all of her life. She lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana and is the blessed Mom of two teen boys and wife to Stephen. They will celebrate their 20th Anniversary in October of this year. Lori has homeschooled her children from the very beginning of their school years, which started over 9 years ago. Homeschooling quickly became her passion and she loves mentoring new Moms as they begin their homeschool journey. Lori loves being a Youth Leader and serving on the Youth Council at her church. She loves spending time with her family, traveling, reading, writing, and teaching!